Drunk rainbow lorikeet large
Drunk rainbow lorikeet large

See how lorikeets partied at the Adelaide Botanic Garden

01 Dec. 2017 1 min read

Think your Christmas party might get a tad rowdy? These rainbow lorikeets have set the standard.

Each year in late spring to early summer, Adelaide Botanic Garden's resident rainbow lorikeets have a squawking, tipsy party in a Schotia brachypetala tree – otherwise known as the Drunken Parrot Tree.

Located just a short walk north-east of the garden’s Summer House, this African native tree drips large amounts of fermented nectar from its flowers – which lorikeets find particularly delicious.

Check out this video to see these beautiful birds in action:

Drunken Parrot Tree at Adelaide Botanic Garden

Fortunately, Adelaide’s lorikeets don’t seem to suffer ‘hangover’ symptoms after consuming copious amounts of the tree’s fermented nectar – they actually look respectably sober.

Having said that, lorikeets under the influence are hard to detect as their behaviour is pretty crazy at the best of times!

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