Remarkable large final
Remarkable large final

Insider guide: Mount Remarkable National Park

12 May 2016 3 min read

Go behind the scenes to discover the unique jobs and passionate people that care for South Australia’s environment.

Lisa Taylor – Ranger in Charge at Mount Remarkable National Park

How would you describe your job to someone at a BBQ?

My job is quite varied. It includes making sure visitors are enjoying their time in the park, but also respecting the environment at the same time. I also manage projects within the park like the current Summit Walking Trail extension.

There’s some event planning and management for activities like Parks Week and Park of the Month and most importantly, maintaining and improving the conservation value of the park for future generations.

How did you get into this line of work?

I’m a local girl and visited the park frequently as a child. When I was about five years old, my family was having a picnic in Alligator Gorge and I told them I wanted to be a ‘bush ranger’. Everyone laughed because that’s what Ned Kelly was, but I knew what I meant and it didn’t change my mind.

I went on to study Biodiversity, Environmental and Park Management at Uni SA and landed my first job in natural resource management, which I worked in for several years in various capacities. Looking for a new challenge, an opportunity came up as Ranger-in-Charge for Mount Remarkable National Park and here I am.

What do you encounter in a ‘normal’ day on the job?

There isn’t really a normal day. A work day can include meetings, project planning or being out in the field helping visitors with information, and making sure they have the correct bookings and permits.

I can also be working on projects in the park with the Friends of Mount Remarkable volunteer group or working with the community at local events.

During school and public holidays, I organise and run family-friendly activities in the park like scavenger hunts and guided walks.

What’s the most amazing thing you’ve seen at Mount Remarkable National Park?

It would have to be the view across the Spencer Gulf from the Battery Track. It really captures the links between land and sea, and makes you realise how connected the two landscapes are. You can access this track from the walking trails in the Mambray Creek Day Visitor Area.

What are your insider tips about Mount Remarkable National Park?

When you visit, allow more time than you think you’ll need. There’s so much to see.

Don’t head home without enjoying the Mambray Creek Day Visitor Area. It’s a great spot for a BBQ, picnics and a unique place for an event.

Alligator Gorge is breathtaking anytime of the year, but is especially nice when there’s water flowing. There’s lots of exploring to do here. My suggestion would be to have a picnic and enjoy the beautiful backdrop of the surrounding red cliffs. It’s a great spot to escape. This spot is so serene, you can sit back, relax and listen to the water trickle and wildlife call.

Throughout the month of May Mount Remarkable National Park is being celebrated as Park of Month– an initiative betweenNature Play South Australiaand DEW.

Get a taste of our Park of the Month by checking out the list ofeventsbeing held there in May. Try Pilates or a guided walk, or discover treasure in Alligator Gorge.

Want to know more? Check out our post on5 Treasures in Mount Remarkable National Parkor download Nature Play SA’s list of20 things to discover.

Main image courtesy of Jason Tyndall, Nature Play SA


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