Mother baby dolphin large
Mother baby dolphin large

9 of the cutest baby animals

04 May 2016 1 min read

Check out these stunning photos of some of the most adorable mums and babies of the animal kingdom.

Mother’s Day is the time to celebrate the love between a mum and her children.

But let’s not stop at just the human variety – let’s also celebrate the bond between animals and their offspring.

Here are nine of the cutest mums and babies of the furry, feathered and scaled varieties, all found in South Australia’s parks and waters.

Two baby ringtail possums are nestled snugly inside an old orange blanket
Ringtail possum babies
An emu chick with striped down
Emu chick
A hairy nosed wombat joey stands close to its mother
Wombat and joey. (Photo courtesy of Anton Tsarevskiy.)
A sea lion pup pokes its head out from behind its mother
Sea lion pup
A wallaby and its joey stand side-by-side
Wallaby and joey
An Eastern blue-tongue lizard guards its hatchlings
Blue-tongue lizard and hatchlings
A kangaroo nuzzles its joey
Kangaroo and joey
A koala joey holds on tight to its mother
Koala and joey
A baby Southern brown bandicoot sleeps peacefully in its keeper's hand
Baby Southern brown bandicoot

Main image courtesy of Barbara Saberton.


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