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Rangers wanted 2021 large

Everything you need to know about being a park ranger in South Australia

12 Jul. 2023 2 min read

Celebrate World Ranger Day by getting to know South Australia’s dedicated park rangers. Here’s how they make a difference.

World Ranger Day is celebrated annually on 31 July to thank the world’s rangers for what they do on the ground to protect natural and cultural heritage.

South Australia’s park rangers have a passion to conserve and protect the state’s environment.

They manage national parks and Country on behalf of South Australians and future generations.

A park ranger’s role is diverse. Each day brings something new and different.

It can vary from customer service to pest animal and plant control, to biodiversity protection and cultural heritage protection, to fire management and emergency response, and then to compliance and law enforcement, project management and administration.

Here’s four duties park rangers in South Australia take care of:

1. Creating visitor experiences

Park rangers work with the local community and volunteers to create visitor experiences that show people how to make the most of the state’s parks.

They also help maintain park facilities like signs, tracks, carparks, walking and biking trails, shelters, campgrounds, toilets, BBQs and playgrounds.

2. Protecting native plants and animals

Conserving the state’s native plants and animals is not an easy task.

Park rangers manage native vegetation to protect South Australia’s wildlife and biodiversity.

This includes controlling pest plants and feral animals, reducing grazing pressure, limiting land and waterway pollution, and protecting threatened species.

3. Providing emergency response

Park rangers provide emergency response during the fire season to help battle bushfires, as well as providing support interstate during bushfires.

Park rangers also assist in park emergency situations, like if a hiker gets lost or injured.

4. Patrolling the park

Park rangers are on patrol to keep the park safe for all, as well as to conserve the area. It’s about protecting South Australia’s parks for future generations to enjoy.

Park rangers investigate accidents, complaints and illegal activities in parks.

Love the sound of being a ranger? Did you know you can now volunteer as one? Check out our story on the Volunteer Ranger Program.


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