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Adelaide migratory birds header large

Everything you need to know about South Australia’s migratory shorebirds

Did you know that there are migratory shorebirds that return to Adelaide each year to spend summer feeding along our coastline and avoiding the cold in the northern hemisphere, in places like Russia and Alaska?

03 Nov. 2023 6 min read

Kookaburra large

How to bring birds to your garden

There’s nothing like the sweet tweet of birds in your garden. This National Bird Week (16-22 October) we’re taking you through how to attract them – without a seed feeder.

17 Oct. 2023 3 min read

Western Quoll 2 by Jannico Kelk

Find out more about South Australia’s western quolls

You may have stumbled upon recent media coverage about the elusive western quoll - so take a moment to get acquainted with this captivating marsupial.

29 Sep. 2023 3 min read

Baby animals in parks large

8 national parks in South Australia where you can see baby animals this spring

Spring is in the air and so are baby animals. Here’s some of the best places to spot baby natives around SA.

13 Sep. 2023 5 min read

Threathened species large

10 of South Australia’s lesser-known threatened species

Threatened Species Day raises awareness about some of SA’s threatened species. Here’s 10 of the lesser-known ones.

07 Sep. 2023 12 min read

Threatened species bake off large

How you can raise awareness about Australia’s native threatened species – from your kitchen

If you love Australian flora and fauna and you have a penchant for baking, combine the 2 and create your own masterpiece for the Threatened Species Bake Off.

01 Sep. 2023 5 min read

Snake large final

What to do if you see a snake in the wild

It’s that time of the year again; after a long winter sleep, snakes are on the move with two things in mind – finding food and finding a mate.

18 Aug. 2023 3 min read

Montacute 179

Everything you need to know about magpie swooping season

Magpie swooping season is here! Find out why they swoop and how you can try and avoid them.

18 Aug. 2023 4 min read

Southern right whale large post image main image

Where to go whale-watching on South Australia’s Eyre Peninsula

Look no further than the EP for whale-watching this winter. Visit these spots to see these wonderful creatures.

03 Aug. 2023 6 min read

Dog campaign website

Helpful tips so we can all be ‘dog safe’

Every dog has its day – and sometimes it can be a bad one. Now a new Department for Environment and Water information campaign provides advice to help you deal with it.

13 Jul. 2023 2 min read

Header large

Celebrate South Australia’s marine life for World Oceans Day

To celebrate World Oceans Day, learn about seven of the most popular marine creatures that live in SA’s waters.

08 Jun. 2023 3 min read

Threatened species South Australia Kangaroo Island Dunnart

Why ecosystem restoration is so important for threatened species

Many species of plants and animals world-wide are under threat, but you can help. Find out how.

03 Mar. 2023 3 min read


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