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Discover a world below ground at Kelly Hill Caves

18 Dec. 2023 1 min read

Great news! Kelly Hill Caves within Kelly Hill Conservation Park has reopened, just in time for the school holidays.

The opening marks a special opportunity for visitors to Kangaroo Island to explore one of the region's much-loved marvels.

A new addition to the visitor experience at Kelly Hill includes an audio-visual tour within the caves. This tour is enhanced with specially-designed lighting that illuminates the beauty of the stalagmites and stalactites, showcasing the caves' ornate features in a new light.

The experience starts with a guided above-ground walk. Here, you’ll learn about the caves' history and view new interpretive signage, setting the stage for the underground adventure.

Visited before? The tour offers fresh insights for both new and returning visitors.

What makes Kelly Hill Caves so special?

Kelly Hill Caves are unique due to their relative geological youth and are just over half a million years old (that’s young in cave years!). This makes them a unique site to witness delicate formations like straws and helictites, which are often not found in older caves. The soft limestone here has also formed impressive flowstone slabs, creating a captivating underground landscape.

Comfortable exploring, year-round

One of the best features of Kelly Hill Caves is the natural climate control. The cave's internal temperature stays at a steady 16 degrees, making it a cool retreat during summer and a comfortable spot in winter. This feature adds to the appeal of the caves as a year-round destination.

More than just caves

Apart from the guided tours of the caves, the park offers above-ground accessible walking trails, ample parking, and picnic facilities. It the perfect spot for a day out with family and friends, offering something for everyone.

Too book your next adventure visit Kelly Hill Caves Conservation Park




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