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Discover more: Top tips for regular visitors exploring SA's national parks

29 Nov. 2023 3 min read

For our regular visitors to South Australia's national parks, every trip is a new opportunity to enjoy the outdoors. Even if you've been many times before, it's important to remember that conditions in parks can change and every park is different.

Our top tip? Always update yourself on the latest safety information before you head out, no matter how often you've visited. Remember to take direction from park rangers when you arrive; they have the greatest knowledge of local conditions.

Discover more: Top tips for regular visitors exploring SA's national parks

Here's how you can stay safe while soaking in the beauty and adventure that our parks have to offer.

Don’t let weather and park conditions spoil your stay

  • You may be a park pro, but did you know we post regular alerts on our website? Next time you visit check the parks closures and alerts list and save yourself the disappointment of arriving at a closed trail or park section. Remember, these closures are there for your safety.
  • For those venturing into the more remote Flinders Ranges or Outback, check out the desert parks bulletin which will guide you through campground conditions and access routes.

Explore safely on marked trails

Stay on designated trails. As a regular visitor, you might feel confident venturing off the beaten path, but it's important to remember that closed areas are off-limits for good reasons, such as unstable terrain or fire hazards. Keeping to marked paths is key to ensuring your safety.

Discover more: Top tips for regular visitors exploring SA's national parks

Make sure someone has your back

Heading into the wild unknown? Make sure someone trustworthy knows your plans and expected return time. It’s always better to have someone watching your back, even from afar.

Download park maps before you go

Be prepared by downloading maps onto your phone before you head off. Download the free Avenza Map App have our national parks at your fingertips. This handy app taps into your device’s built-in GPS, map­ping out your real-time loca­tion with­in the park. And the best part? You can use it offline.

Remember phone coverage can be patchy

Mobile phone cov­er­age is not reli­able in all our parks, par­tic­u­lar­ly in remote areas and where there is steep terrain.

Drive safely

Before you hit the road check your vehicle and road conditions. Remember, unsealed roads and nature aren’t always a smooth combination.

Wildlife is most active at dawn and dusk. Since you've been around, you know to drive slowly and keep an eye out for our furry friends making their way across the roads.

Discover more: Top tips for regular visitors exploring SA's national parks

Stay safe on water

For all things boating touch base with Marine Safety SA.

Remember campfire and BBQs restrictions

To find out which parks allow camp­fires use our find a park tool and check the box for ​‘Camp­fires (sea­son­al restric­tions apply)’ in the fil­ters; this will dis­play all the parks which allow camp­fires. You can also check out this full list of park fire restric­tions.

Know emergency contacts

In case of emergencies, dial 000. Our Regional Duty Officers are also there to assist with various emergencies in the parks.

Before you head out on your next adventure, equip yourself with these tips, respect the rules, and you're all set for an unforgettable adventure!




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