5 hidden treasures at Morialta Conservation Park

Friends of Black Hill and Morialta share their favourite spots in this much loved Adelaide park.

Located 10 kilometres north-east of Adelaide’s cbd, most locals have been to Morialta Conservation Park at least once in their lifetime.

Founding member of the Friends of Black Hill and Morialta volunteers group, Ann Taylor, shares five hidden treasures to explore next time you visit this iconic park.

Download this handy map to help you plan your visit.

1. Take a walk along the Pylon Track

A great walk for flora lovers, enter the park from the Moores Road entrance (near Hiker’s Hill) and follow the road until you reach the Centre Track on your left. Continue on, turning left onto the Pylon Track. Being a fire track, you can expect the path to be wider than our walking trails. You’ll spot beautiful, pristine vegetation and wildflowers along the way including vanilla lilies, milkmaids, orchids and tea tree flowers. The Pylon Track crosses a steep gully and you can return to Moores Road via the Third Falls Track. Alternatively, you can access the Pylon Track via the Third Falls, which is a steep climb. 

1. Plylon Track_Vanilla Lily_Friends of Black Hill and Morialta.JPG
Vanilla lily, photo courtesy of Friends of Black Hill and Morialta

2. Have a picnic

Enter the park from the Trailhead car park and follow the Morialta Falls Plateau hike. On the way to Morialta Falls (First Falls) there’s a table on the right near the creek, it’s a great place to stop for lunch with plenty of shade.

have a picnic.JPG 

3. Relax at Deep View Lookout

This lookout provides a stunning view over the entire park – you’ll see waterfalls in the distance as well as the Adelaide city skyline. There is a catch though, you will need to hike to get there! The good news is there are three options. To access them, you’ll need to cross the bridge on your left from the Morialta Falls car park and follow trail for about 30 metres. At this point the trail goes straight ahead for an easier walk which offers spectacular views and lots of wildflowers. If you’re up for more of a challenge, take the trail to your right instead. Another way to get to Deep View Lookout is to hike in an anti-clockwise direction, starting at the Trailhead car park, heading right and merging onto the second and third falls hike trail. You’ll pass over the top of either First or Second Falls before reaching Deep view lookout.

Deep View Look Out 3.JPG 

4. Go wildlife spotting

Look up in the trees to see if you can spot a koala or kookaburra and keep an eye out for kangaroos along the side of the road too. When you pass the creeks, look for yabbies and listen out for frogs.

Kookaburra_Go wildlife spotting_Jason Tyndall.jpg
Photo courtesy of Jason Tyndall

5.  Explore Giants Cave

Enter the park from the Trailhead car park and follow the Morialta Falls Plateau Hike. On your right, keep an eye out for a set of steep steps with a handrail leading up to this magnificent cave perched in the cliffs. This is a great place to cool off and sit a while, taking in the great view of the vegetation and dramatic cliffs opposite.

Giants Cave_Jason Tyndall.jpg
Photo courtesy of Jason Tyndall

Story originally posted in November 2015.

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