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Water security

In response to the Millennium drought, the state government developed a comprehensive water security plan, Water for Good. The plan, released in 2009, includes 94 actions and is based around a number of core objectives including diversifying the state’s water sources. 

Action 64 of Water for Good committed the state government to developing water demand and supply statements for each of the eight natural resources management (NRM) regions across the state. These statements provide an overview of all water resources within a region, assess future demand and supply pressures and provide projections for demand and supply of both drinking and non-drinking water out to 2050. 

An independent review of Water for Good found that South Australia has been placed in a much stronger position in terms of its water security. South Australia is now regarded as being world class in areas such as water recycling, aquifer storage and recovery and water trading. 

So far, regional demand and supply statements have been developed for the Eyre Peninsula, Northern and Yorke, South Australian Arid Lands, Alinytjara Wilurara and Kangaroo Island regions. The statement for the South East region is currently being prepared. Key elements of each statement are reviewed annually, with a comprehensive review undertaken every five years. The department works with service providers to ensure the analysis is sufficient to identify any underlying water security issues.

Regional supply and demand statements

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