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How to plan, build and operate a MAR scheme

To help you design, build and manage a successful managed aquifer recharge scheme, whether a domestic or non-domestic scheme, the following information is available:

For non-domestic managed aquifer recharge schemes, the following documents are required to be used in addition to those above when developing the application package prior to a submission to our department or the Environment Protection Authority (EPA):

You may also need to consider:

  • The taking of prescribed groundwater and surface water in some areas will require authorisation or licence from the department. Find out if this applies to you.
  • Drilling a well requires a well construction permit
  • Draining domestic rainwater into an aquifer requires a drainage and discharge permit. Find out what information you’ll need to apply for a permit and get the permit form

For Annual Reporting to the EPA and the department, the two agencies have developed a joint Managed Aquifer Recharge Annual Reporting Template to assist the reporting process. 

Creating a PivotTable in Excel may assist in utilising the templates for reporting purposes. 

For EPA MAR Licensing enquiries and MAR AR submission contact:   

For DEW MAR Licensing and permit enquiries and MAR AR submission contact: Water Licensing team 

For further information or assistance contact us on 8463 6063 or the EPA on 8204 2064. 

Further information 

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