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Great Artesian Basin Sustainability Initiative 4

The Great Artesian Basin Sustainability Initiative (GABSI) 4 aims to recover water and water pressure in the Great Artesian Basin to ensure the ongoing sustainable management of this groundwater resource.

Working with the Commonwealth government, NSW, QLD and NT governments and landholders throughout the Great Artesian Basin, the department is involved in delivering and reporting on the GABSI 4 project within South Australia, including: 

  • recovery of water and water pressure within the Basin through replacement of old bores legally operating in an uncontrolled state with controlled bores and efficient, controlled watering systems
  • restoration of critical infrastructure assets.

GABSI 4 is the continuation of a larger program (GABSI 1, 2 and 3) which commenced in 1999. The department has been involved in delivering the South Australian stages of the program. 

For further information about this initiative, including completed works, please visit the Australian Government's Department of Agriculture and Water Resources website and the Natural Resources SA Arid Lands website.

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