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Our skills and expertise

The department’s skills and expertise are available to other organisations that require water monitoring assistance. Due to our specialised skill set, we often carry out services for organisations throughout the nation including the Commonwealth Government, other state governments, universities and industry and community members. We also work for units within the department and for other South Australian agencies that require water monitoring services.

We use a wide range of modern specialised equipment and technology that enables us to carry out water monitoring and asset management safely and efficiently. Modern technology allows us to access previously inaccessible places and captures important data on our water resources and related monitoring assets.

By providing the following services, we support the sustainable management and productive use of water resources by both government and private entities.

Groundwater and surface water monitoring services

  • Monitor groundwater (quantity and quality)
  • Monitor surface water (flow, depth, quality and meteorology)
  • Capture, validate and store groundwater and surface water data
  • Maintain the state’s primary water databases
  • Develop water monitoring standards and procedures
  • Develop, maintain and manage the state’s water monitoring networks. 

Surface water services

  • Design and manage the construction of weirs
  • Design, construct, install and maintain hydrographic civil works
  • Site surveys and stream surveys
  • Measure lakebed, reservoir depth and siltation–bathymetric survey
  • Install, operate and maintain rainfall and weather monitoring stations. 

Watch a time-lapse video of the deconstruction and reconstruction of a surface water monitoring site on Kangaroo Island.

Groundwater services

  • Design bores and maintain head works infrastructure
  • Manage drilling programs
  • Undertake pumping tests
  • Geophysical logging
  • Manage high pressure and high temperature wells
  • Manage groundwater data, geophysics data and pump test data
  • Conduct bore audits to identify condition and prioritisation of maintenance
  • Investigate groundwater, and town water supplies
  • Manage Aquifer Recharge (MAR) Schemes. 

Watch a video on the department dealing safely with hot, high pressure wells in the Great Artesian Basin.

View a video of groundwater drilling on the lower Eyre Peninsula below.


Technical and asset management services

  • Logging and telemetry equipment competency
  • Design, build and test applications for computer programs and software
  • Supervisory, Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA)
  • Hydstra, SA Geodata competency
  • GIS competency
  • Monitor, develop and implement standards and procedures
  • Technical support for seismograph networks. 

Project management services

  • Project management support for water projects on behalf of third parties.

Many of the above services will require you to apply for a permit before they can be undertaken. Please refer to the following links for additional information:

The above monitoring services are delivered under the lead of the Resource Monitoring Unit in the department.

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