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For a full understanding of the condition and management of the land it is important to assess the land managers' knowledge and application of sustainable production techniques.

While some information is available from the Australian Bureau of Statistics Agricultural Census and related surveys, the department has developed a telephone survey to collect specific information from agricultural land managers.

The survey gathers information about their understanding of key soil and land management issues and the practices they use to manage them. The trends in the responses are useful indicators of current and future land condition.

One thousand commercial agricultural land managers, 200 from each of the five main agricultural regions of South Australia, were randomly selected to participate. A baseline survey was commissioned in 2000 using an experienced market research company to collect and analyse the data. Follow-up surveys have been conducted in 2002, 2005, 2008 and 2011.

The findings of the first four surveys are presented in the Key results of Land Manager Surveys 2000-08 forum paper.