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Revegetation for biodiversity enhancement, environmental services, dedicated carbon crops, farm forestry, renewable bioenergy crops and fodder shrubs and have the potential to sequester significant amounts of carbon in South Australia.

The South Australian government, in partnership with CSIRO, Federal Government agencies and the Future Farm Industries Cooperative Research Centre (CRC), undertakes research on developing better carbon accounting methods, including rapid and reliable techniques for evaluating and predicting carbon sequestered from revegetation and farm forestry. Information from surveys of plant growth in revegetation sites has been combined with climate and soil information to provide estimates of expected carbon sequestration rates from revegetation and farm forestry activities across the state.

Researchers from the department's Science Unit have spent several years developing new woody crop species and industries (FloraSearch project), carbon accounting methodologies and a better understanding of the growth, productivity and carbon sequestration potential of revegetation and farm forestry in southern Australia (Carbon Sequestration from Revegetation project).


The FloraSearch project (supported by Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation and Future Farm Industries CRC) provides a comprehensive review of a range of native plants species suitable for development as commercial woody crops (including wood fibres, eucalyptus oil, bioenergy, fodder shrubs and carbon crops). It also undertook a regional industry potential analysis to identify regions within southern Australia with the greatest potential for developing new woody crops.

A series of research reports detailing the outcomes of this project are available for free download and hard copy purchase:

Carbon Sequestration from Revegetation

The Carbon Sequestration from Revegetation project (supported by State NRM Program, Australian Government Department of the Environment, Australian Government Department of Agriculture and the Future Farm Industries CRC) provides evaluations of the growth, productivity and carbon sequestration rates of native plants species planted in woodlots and environmental planting across several regions of South Australia. This research also details the development of allometric techniques for assessing plant biomass for carbon accounting and inputs into national Carbon Farming Initiative carbon accounting tools.

A series of research reports detailing the outcomes of this project include:


Trevor Hobbs
Senior Technical Advisor
Landscape Analysis
Science Monitoring and Knowledge
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