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Water markets and trade

Water trade allows for the redistribution of water among users and is an important mechanism for managing the Murray-Darling Basin’s scarce water resources.

South Australia is part of the southern-connected Murray-Darling Basin water market which is a connected water resource covering parts of South Australia, New South Wales and Victoria.

There are two main types of water rights traded in the Basin - entitlements and allocations:

  • Water access entitlements are rights to an ongoing share of the total amount of water available in a system.
  • Water allocations are the actual amount of water available under water access entitlements in a given season.

Water trade dashboards

Water trade dashboards have been developed to provide better information about water allocation and entitlement trading in the South Australian River Murray.

The dashboards include data on the volume and price of water traded through time.

More information

For more information on water trade:

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