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Water allocations and announcements

Water allocations in 2020-21 for South Australian Class 3 (High Security) and Class 8 entitlement holders are now - as of 1 July 2020 - at 54 percent. This has risen from the water year’s starting allocation which was 40 percent

A range of advice has, and continues to be, provided to water users. This information provides greater support for business planning, as we understand that this is especially important when water allocations are less than 100 percent.

The next update for water users will be on Wednesday 15 July 2020.

Support for planning during the 2020-21 water year

Useful Information Events and Resources

South Australia’s River Murray Water Allocation Statement provides all the latest information for entitlement holders, as of 1 July.

The ‘River Murray Opening Allocations’ June video has useful information about the seasonal weather outlook and background about the opening, or starting, water allocation for the 2020-21 water year.

Also, if you missed the previous South Australian Government business support webinars for irrigators over the last few months, you can catch up on the April session and May session with our catch up videos. If you don’t have time to watch the full webinars, these short video topics provide snapshots of key educational information.

South Australia’s River Murray Water Allocation Statement – updated 1 July 2020

South Australia’s River Murray Water Allocation Statement for 1 July 2020 has been prepared to provide South Australian River Murray entitlement holders with the latest information about water availability and resources.

This latest statement provides updated information on allocations, private carryover, water held in Murray-Darling Basin Authority controlled storages, climate outlook and projections for irrigation water allocations under a range of scenarios.

Increased inflows across the River Murray system have resulted in South Australia’s minimum River Murray Entitlement increasing to 1,105 gigalitres (GL), providing a positive start for the 2020-21 water year. 

The updated projections indicate that even if the extreme dry scenario plays out over the next six months, South Australian Class 3 (High Security) allocations are projected to reach 100 percent by November 2020.

The Bureau of Meteorology’s three month outlook indicates further rainfall is likely over the coming months.  Most inflows to the River Murray system historically occur between July and November. This should provide water users with a degree of confidence that we will see further improvements to South Australia’s water availability for 2020-21.

The publication of River Murray Water Allocation Statements is part of the South Australian Government's commitment to giving greater support and more timely information to River Murray water users to help them in their forward planning.

While water allocations remain below 100 per cent, we will provide fortnightly statements with the latest water allocations and resources information.

The next update will be provided on Wednesday, 15 July 2020.

Stay up to date with the latest water allocation information and updates by checking our website or sign up to the River Murray Flow Report e-newsletter. 

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