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South Australian Private Carryover

Private carryover availability in 2018-19

Due to the water resources availability across the Murray-Darling Basin, South Australia’s River Murray water access entitlement holders will receive a 100% water allocation in 2018-19. As a result, Private Carryover water will not be made available in 2018-19. Private Carryover is made available for use in dry years, when the projected minimum opening irrigation allocation is 50 percent or less.

South Australian Private Carryover Policy

The 2019 Water Allocation Plan for the River Murray Prescribed Watercourse sets out how private carryover is calculated and who is eligible. Private Carryover provides additional flexibility to consumptive users in dry years by allowing for some unused water allocation at the end of one water year to be granted for use in a following dry water year.

Key points about carryover:

  • Private carryover is a form of insurance that is available to boost allocations in dry years.
  • Private carryover will be announced when minimum opening irrigation allocations in April are 50% or less.
  • When carryover is granted you can carryover any unused water on your account, up to 20 percent of the volume of Class 3 water access entitlements you hold.
  • You must provide your final water meter reading by 31 July to be eligible for carryover. After carryover has been announced, if conditions improve and allocations increase to 100%, your total allocation (against your entitlements plus carryover allocation) cannot exceed 100%. The volume of water that can be made available for private carryover is based on how much water is stored in upstream storages for carryover purposes, and how much water was traded into South Australia between 1 April and 30 June in the previous water use year (and remained unused on 30 June). If there is insufficient water available to meet the total carryover demand, the volume of water granted to an individual will be reduced proportionally.

The provision of private carryover is possible through arrangements in the Murray-Darling Basin Agreement, which allow the South Australian Government to store (defer) water in upstream (interstate) storages. Further overview information about the carryover is included in this fact sheet.

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