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Prerequisite Policy Measures

Prerequisite Policy Measures (PPMs) for the River Murray System have been designed to allow objectives under the Murray-Darling Basin Plan to be implemented.  The intended outcomes of the PPMs are outlined in section 7.15 of the Basin Plan.  The intended outcomes are:

  • Environmental water flows throughout the length of the river, and between rivers, and is protected from extraction, re-regulation or substitution, and
  • Environmental water can be released on top of other instream flows, including during unregulated flow events.

PPMs are applied during the operation of the Sustainable Diversion Limit Adjustment Mechanism in the Basin Plan (Section 7.15). The extent to which PPMs are implemented by 2019 will affect the size of any Sustainable Diversion Limit adjustment (in 2016 and 2024) in regions where supply measures have been proposed.

South Australia has prepared a PPM Implementation Plan. South Australia’s PPM Implementation Plan identifies a number of activities and actions to be implemented by June 2019. Implementation of these PPM actions in South Australia does not require amendments to the Murray-Darling Basin Agreement and largely focusses on making information publically available and improves transparency. A progress report has also been prepared and a Policy and Procedure for return flows.

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