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Constraints Management Strategy

The Basin Plan aims to restore the connectivity between the river and its wetlands through the floodplain by easing constraints to environmental flows. The Constraints Management Strategy aims to address constraints while ensuring third party impacts are minimised.

Constraints limit the volume and timing of environmental water delivery through the river system. Some examples of constraints can include existing river management rules that limit flows, structures such as roads and low-lying bridges, and land close to the River that may become inundated during higher flows. 

It is important to address these constraints in order to enable greater floodplain watering. This will result in improved health for the forests, fish and birds in the area. 

Addressing constraints may require improving infrastructure such as road or bridges, erosion control works or negotiating property easements. 

The department is working with the community to better understand any likely third party impacts along the river and how these should be managed. 

Business cases that detail how to address constraints in the River Murray are being developed to explore measures that would not only facilitate environmental flows, but also help to address the impacts of natural flooding.

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