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About the Basin Plan

The adoption of the Basin Plan 2012 on 22 November 2012 was a historic milestone for the River Murray and the communities who rely upon it.

Successful implementation of the Basin Plan in 2024 means that Basin governments and communities will have achieved environmental outcomes in South Australia equivalent to a water recovery of 3,200 gigalitres.

The Basin Plan specifies new sustainable levels for consumptive water use from surface and ground water resources to ensure the ongoing health and resilience of the Murray-Daring Basin. The Basin Plan requires that water use is reduced to sustainable levels by 2019. 

The outcome for the Basin Plan as a whole is a healthy, working Murray-Darling Basin that has:

  • communities with sufficient and reliable water supplies that are fit for a range of intended purposes, including domestic, recreational and cultural use
  • productive and resilient water-dependent industries and communities with confidence in their long-term future
  • a healthy and resilient environment

Implementation of the plan will have long-term benefits for the River Murray, including supporting improved water quality and the delivery of critical human water needs, facilitating water trade, helping keep the Murray Mouth open, flushing salt from the system and providing environmental flows to precious River Murray wetlands and floodplains.

See our history page for more information about South Australia's responses and reports on the development of Basin Plan including reviews of the science.

Find out here how the Basin Plan was developed.

A healthy and productive Basin will take many years to achieve. 

View the 2017 Basin Plan Evaluation undertaken by the Murray-Darling Basin Authority


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