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A healthy Coorong is critical for endangered migratory birds, threatened wildlife and rare plants that rely on this important wetland. A healthy Coorong also supports the South Australian tourism industry, Ngarrindjeri people and the local community.

The Millennium Drought and years of basin-wide over water allocation had a devastating impact on the Coorong’s environment.

The Coorong relies on flows from the River Murray, Southern Ocean, South East waterways and an open Murray Mouth to create healthy habitats for thriving wildlife.

Thanks to previous work including water for the environment and the Murray-Darling Basin Plan, the Coorong North Lagoon has shown encouraging signs of recovery, but the health of the South Lagoon is still of concern.

While the key ecological features that make the Coorong unique and valuable are still in place, the health of some parts of the site have been dramatically altered.

More work is needed to restore the Coorong to health. The South Australian Government is working with the community, Traditional Owners, scientists, the Australian Government and basin states to restore the Coorong’s health, bringing new life to the region.

Find out about what’s being done to restore a healthy Coorong.

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