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People can learn about, enjoy and appreciate wildlife through interacting with native animals kept in captivity. Taking native animals from the wild and the keeping and selling of native animals in South Australia is regulated by the department.

We have developed a Take from the wild Policy and Standard. They provide DEW's policy positions on taking protected animals from the wild as well as the assessment criteria used when considering a permit application.

The Take from the Wild Policy adopts the ethic that a limited take from the wild is acceptable and acknowledges the broader conservation and public knowledge benefits that come through having wildlife in captivity.

Applications to take animals from the wild come from:

  • private keepers and breeders
  • wildlife demonstrators
  • wildlife exhibitors such as zoos and wildlife parks
  • wildlife management agencies
  • businesses involved in the production of biological products.

Note: applications from non-South Australian residents will only be considered where the applicant represents a recognised wildlife park or Zoo and Aquarium Association institution.

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