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Rescue Permits - protected animals

You can rescue a sick, injured or orphaned native animal from the wild if it needs care and treatment. If you intend to care for a native animal you have rescued, and if that animal is unlikely to be released again, you will need a Rescue Permit.

Whether or not a Rescue Permit is issued depends on the:

  • condition of the animal
  • type of animal
  • availability and suitability of care facilities
  • knowledge and experience of the applicant.

The welfare of the rescued animal is vitally important and it must not suffer. If you do not have the necessary skills or experience to care for the animal, please seek advice or give the animal to an experienced carer.

A Rescue Permit is not required when the animal is:

  • an introduced species (not native to Australia)
  • classed as an unprotected native species
  • to be returned to the wild within 4 weeks.

If you do not know what type of permit you need, contact our Fauna Permit Unit (phone number below) for advice.

Rescue Permits may be issued to an individual but not to a rescue group or organisation.

More information:

For further information or to determine whether you need a permit, please contact:

DEWNR Fauna Permit Unit
Phone: (+61 8) 8124 4972.

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