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A Fauna Dealer is a person who carries on a business involving buying and selling Basic or Specialist species of native animals. Fauna Dealers must have a Fauna Dealer permit.

A person who keeps and sells protected animals as a hobby must have a Keep and Sell permit (Basic or Specialist).

What permit do I need?

If you hold a Keep and Sell Permit (Basic or Specialist) you must keep an animal for a minimum of six months before selling it, unless you actually bred the animal. The term 'sell' includes swap or give away.

If you wish to trade in Basic and Specialist species within the six month holding period, you need a Fauna Dealer Permit. A fauna dealer must hold an animal for a period of seven days or get clearance from the DEW Fauna Permit Unit to sell it sooner.

Fauna Dealers must maintain a record book with listings of all transactions. The book, or a copy of it, must be produced to the Fauna Permit Unit quarterly. Fauna dealers are inspected on an ad hoc basis and must produce their books and animals.

Where required, a person holding a Fauna Dealer permit may also be granted with import and/or export permits for multiple consignments of animals.

Anyone advertising Basic or Specialist animals for sale must include their permit number in the advertisement.

Fauna Dealer Permit (Basic)

The holder of a Fauna Dealer Permit (Basic) can trade in the species on the Basic animals list.

A Fauna Dealer (Basic) must keep certain information in their protected animals record book:

  • if you sell one Basic animal to a person who does not have any other protected animals (either Basic or Specialist), you must record the details of that person in your protected animals record book. It is a good idea to record a drivers licence number or a vehicle registration number
  • you must record the details of the people who purchase fauna (including their permit number) from you in your protected animals record book.

Fauna Dealer Permit (Specialist)

If you apply for a Fauna Dealer Permit (Specialist), you must prove you have the facilities, knowledge and experience to safely and properly care for these animals. You must also obtain an endorsement to trade in Specialist species.

Dealers can only sell an animal listed as Specialist to a permit holder who has a Specialist endorsement for the species being sold.

Like Basic dealers, Specialist dealers must maintain a record book and provide a copy of transactions on a quarterly basis. You must record the permit number of anyone who buys Specialist fauna in your record book.

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