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Basic species are common in captivity and/or in their natural habitat and are fully protected. They are usually easy to keep in captivity.

You must acquire these animals legally - they must be purchased from a licenced fauna dealer or person holding a valid Keep and Sell Permit. The animals must also have been captive bred.

A permit is required to keep and sell Basic animals. Animals must be kept for a minimum of 6 months before sale.

You do not need a permit to keep one individual, but to sell or otherwise dispose of that animal would require a Basic keep and sell permit.

Anyone advertising Basic animals for sale must include their permit number in the advertisement.

The holder of a Keep and Sell Permit (Basic) must maintain a record book and submit a stock return to the DEW Fauna Permit Unit at the end of each financial year.

More information:

The Development Act 1993 (and regulations) and the Local Government Act 1999 (LG Act) allow councils to restrict the species and number of animals a person may keep on their property. It is therefore a good idea that you check with your local council before obtaining an animal as bylaws or restrictions may apply.

Under the LG Act, councils can take action if animals are kept in unhygienic conditions or in a way that can impact on neighbours.

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