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Permits and licences

DEW has responsibility for granting permits involving the use of native plants and animals and the hunting of feral animals. The department also regulates rodeos and the use of animals in research and teaching. Permits are granted in accordance with the National Parks and Wildlife Act 1972 and/or the Animal Welfare Act 1985.

Keeping native animals

In South Australia you must have a permit if you wish to:

  • take native animals from the wild
  • rescue sick or injured native animals from the wild
  • keep native animals as pets in captivity
  • sell or give away captive native animals
  • operate as a snake catcher
  • import or export native animals.

The permit system provides a framework that identifies legally acquired native animals and allows the detection of animals that have been illegally acquired and brought into captivity. This system also helps us make sure that certain standards for animal possession, care and public safety are met. It allows people fair and reasonable access to wildlife, within certain boundaries.

The permit system for keeping and selling native animals is regularly reviewed and considers:

  • the conservation status of individual species
  • the availability of the species in captive trade
  • changes in community attitudes.

Biosecurity SA administers the Dog Fence Act 1946 which prohibits the keeping of dingoes south of the dog fence. For information regarding feral and exotic animals, and the keeping of dingoes, please refer to the Biosecurity SA website.

Use of animals and plants

You must also have a permit to:

  • hunt feral animals (such as rabbits and foxes)
  • hunt duck and/or quail (during a declared hunting season)
  • destroy native animals that are causing an environmental, economic or social impact
  • operate as a Kangaroo Field Processor, Kangaroo Meat Processor or Kangaroo Skin Tannery
  • use animals in research and teaching
  • conduct a rodeo
  • collect native seeds and fruits.

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