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Possums in roofs

Possums are nocturnal animals. With the removal of many large old gum trees, finding shelter and nesting sites is becoming their biggest challenge. For common brushtail possums one common alternative is buildings with roof space access.

There are several options available for managing your possum problem that are in keeping with their protected status. Please read:

Possums in gardens

You can only trap possums living in buildings not in your garden. If you believe that possums are damaging your garden and eating the fruit from your trees, there are a range of steps you can take to deter them. Please read:

Injured possums

Injured possums should be taken to a registered vet or to a wildlife carer/rescue organisation. Your nearest wildlife carer/rescue organisation can be found in the Yellow Pages listed under animal welfare organisations.

Dogs barking at possums

A permit to trap and/or destroy possums will not be issued because your dog is barking at a possum. Consider these things that may be causing your dog to bark or attracting possums:

  • is it actually a possum that your dog is barking at?
  • are you leaving pet food out overnight that possums may be feeding on?
  • are the neighbour's cats roaming about your property?
  • is your dog barking to gain your attention?
  • is your dog barking at the neighbours?
  • have you just moved in to the neighbourhood?

Your local council may have suggestions to help you to stop your dog from barking.