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A Living with Wildlife approach

The department is responsible for regulating the management of wildlife in accordance with the National Parks and Wildlife Act 1972. We encourage you to take a Living with Wildlife approach when addressing the detrimental effects native animals can have on your property.

We provide technical advice to people with a wildlife problem and advocate the use of non-lethal methods to reduce damage. However, the department may grant a permit to destroy wildlife where wildlife is causing, or is likely to cause, damage to the environment, crops, stock or property, or poses a health and safety risk.

Examples of wildlife management tools

Non lethal management

Lethal management

the use of firearms to scare animals

the use of firearms to destroy some animals

use of gas guns, or other commercial scaring devices to scare animals

trapping and carbon dioxide narcosis of animals

modifying habitat or removing resources

egg oiling, egg pricking and egg breaking

placement of nest boxes in trees to provide refuge for hollow-dependent animals

create alternate roosting sites for displaced species

create alternative fencing or gates for wildlife

netting high value crops

planting decoy crops

tree collaring