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Proposed Amendments to the status of threatened species in SA

You can provide feedback on proposed changes to status listings of some of our threatened plant and animal species.

What is being decided?

The Department is proposing some amendments to the Threatened Species Schedules 7, 8 and 9 of the National Parks and Wildlife Act 1972.

Following a series of panel workshops involving local and state ecological experts, the Department has been compiling available evidence to assess the conservation status of the State’s plant and animal species. The Department is now proposing amendments to the Threatened Species Schedules, for 65 species for which assessments have been completed.

These 65 proposed changes in status listing include:

  • 30 species listed for the first time
  • 15 species up-listed to a more threatened category
  • 5 species down-listed to a less threatened category
  • 15 species to be de-listed from the Schedules.

The proposed amendments also include changes to the names of 83 plant and 139 animal species and/or the families they are classified within, due to changes in scientific classification (taxonomy) or naming (nomenclature) since the last gazettal of the Schedules.

The proposed amendments are not a revision of the entire threatened species schedules; further updates will be proposed periodically, as additional species assessments are completed.

See the Consultation Document 2019 Proposed Amendments to the Status of Threatened Species in South Australia for more information, including a summary of the proposed changes.

Get involved

Review the changes to the threatened species schedules and background information and provide your feedback via:

To help us consider your submission:

  • refer to the species that you are commenting on.
  • identify what you agree with, or disagree with, and explain your reasons. If you disagree with the information provided or conclusions made, suggest alternative content with reference to the eligibility criteria.  
  • if you are aware of an additional species that you think should be a priority for assessment, please explain why so that it can be considered in future work planning.

How can your input influence the decision?

You are invited to provide any feedback or additional information that is relevant to the assessment of the conservation status of these species. Your feedback will help to shape the updated conservation status listing of plants and animals in South Australia and will ultimately ensure that conservation efforts are appropriately directed.

What are the next steps?

Comments will be assessed against the eligibility criteria and incorporated into revised assessments as appropriate.  Follow-up contact may be made if further information is required.

A detailed analysis of submissions together with the proposed amendments will be forwarded to the Parks and Wilderness Council for consideration and endorsement to the Minister for Environment and Water.  Subject to Cabinet endorsement, the recommendations will be used to draft regulations to amend Schedules 7, 8 and 9 of the National Parks and Wildlife Act 1972.

Once gazetted a summary of the changes to the Threatened Species Schedules will be publicly available on this website.


For more information, email  

Closing date 16 August 2019

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