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Chowilla, Moorook and Loch Luna Game Reserves

From 15 minutes before sunrise to 30 minutes after sunset on the following days:

  • Saturday 17 February 2018
  • Sunday 18 February 2018
  • Saturday 3 March 2018
  • Sunday 4 March 2018
  • Saturday 24 March 2018
  • Sunday 25 March 2018
  • Saturday 5 May 2018
  • Sunday 6 May 2018
  • Saturday 19 May 2018
  • Sunday 20 May 2018
  • Saturday 9 June 2018
  • Sunday 10 June 2018
  • Saturday 23 June 2018
  • Sunday 24 June 2018.

Bucks Lake Game Reserve and Bool Lagoon Game Reserve

Bucks Lake and Bool Lagoon Game Reserves are CLOSED for the 2018 open season. 

The Director National Parks and Wildlife, DEWNR, may close a Reserve by posting a notice to that effect at any commonly used entrance to that Reserve, where it is in the interests of conservation to do so.

Game reserves - reserve information

Chowilla Game Reserve

The open season applies to the whole reserve, subject to the following exclusions:
  • For safety reasons, all of the area within 500 m radius centred upon the Chowilla Homestead, shearing shed, Lock 6 on the River Murray, the Chowilla Creek Regulator and Coombool Outstation (homestead) including any portion of creeks or waterbodies within 500 m of these sites.

Moorook Game Reserve

The open season applies to all the Reserve, subject to the following exclusions.

  • The western boundary of Sections 474, 475 and 476 Hundred of Moorook, County of Albert, adjacent to the Kingston-Loxton Highway.
  • The area of Wacthels Lagoon bounded by the following coordinates: E 442748, N 6210926, then south-easterly to E 443079, N 6210458, then south-easterly to E 443268, N 6209307, then westerly to E 442454, N 6209208, then north-easterly to E 441377, N 6209958, then north-easterly to the point of commencement.

Please contact the Natural Resources Centre - Berri for more information to ensure hunting only occurs in permitted areas. 

Loch Luna Game Reserve

The open season applies to all creeks and associated backwaters of the Reserve excluding:

  • a 500 m radius of any house or outbuilding, and within 300 m of any road or bridge; and
  • for safety reasons, the open season does not apply to all of the area within 500 metres radius of the homestead of Section 706 McIntosh Division Hundred of Cobdogla Irrigation Area.

Note: Access to Loch Luna is mainly by boat – all hunters should be aware of dangerous quicksand in a number of areas.

Tolderol Game Reserve

The open season applies to the whole reserve, subject to the following exclusions:

The area of Tolderol Game Reserve being the land and water west of a line commencing at E 332052, N 6084977, south to E 332014, N 6083738.

View a map of Tolderol Game Reserve indicating the areas where open season hunting can occur.

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