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Restoration projects on public land

The Department for Environment and Water is involved in multiple revegetation and restoration projects across the region.

These three projects below are on public land in the north, south and central areas of Adelaide.

Willunga Creek 

The project site is made up of 37 hectares of ex-agricultural land, forming a green link between Willunga and Port Willunga. This provides opportunities for amenity, conservation and recreation. The site also forms part of Adelaide’s Metropolitan Open Space System, making sure there is land set aside for open space into the future.

Learn more about the Willunga Creek project.

Gawler Buffer 

This area is a part of Adelaide’s green belt situated near the Playford Hills on the northern plains. The land covers 250 hectares and it is one of the largest remaining urban park developments in the Adelaide metropolitan area. Excellent environmental outcomes are being realised from this restored farming land.

Learn more about the Gawler Buffer project.

Highbury Aqueduct Reserve 

This 16 hectare reserve has been a community park since 2013, and it has become popular with local residents for walking, gardening, exercising and conservation. In 2016 a new shared-use trail was constructed from Majestic Grove to Historic Drive.

Learn more about the Highbury Aqueduct Reserve project.

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