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For landholders

How do I register a potential Significant Environmental Benefit (SEB) site?

Complete and submit this template. Your site will be placed on the Native Vegetation Credit Register as a potential site for clearance applicants to consider.

When can I formally establish my site?

Your site can only be formally established (and the credit it will generate confirmed) once it has been assessed by an accredited consultant. The assessment includes the development of a management plan outlining the management actions that need to be implemented to achieve the SEB credit. The assessment needs to be submitted to the Native Vegetation Branch along with an application to establish the SEB site. If approved by the Native Vegetation Council, your site can now be formally established. You will not be required to implement the management plan until the credit has been purchased by a clearance applicant.

Can I obtain the accredited consultant assessment before a clearance applicant contacts me?

Yes, but be aware that there is a cost for the assessment and the result is specific to the condition of the land at the time it was performed. For this reason, most landholders wait until a clearance applicant has expressed an interest in their site to avoid having to repeat the assessment process.

My site is listed on the Native Vegetation Credit Register, is this a guarantee that it will be selected by a clearance applicant?

There is no guarantee that your site will be selected by a clearance applicant. It is dependent on demand and how closely your site meets the specific offsetting requirements of a clearance application.

Where is there likely to be demand for SEB sites in the future?

Demand for SEB sites is dependent on the amount and location of native vegetation clearance that requires offsetting. Some useful resources are:

Is there any assistance available in setting up a financial agreement with a clearance applicant?

An accredited third party broker can assist in developing agreements between you and the clearance applicant. View the list of brokers.

How long do I need to protect the site for?

A SEB site is established in perpetuity and is subject to:

  1. A ten year management plan that stipulates the management actions that need to be undertaken (view a sample management plan in ‘Resources').
  2. A management agreement that provides ongoing protection of the site to prevent future impacts.

What is a management agreement?

A management agreement is an agreement between the landholder responsible for the management of the SEB and the Minister for Environment and Water. The agreement stipulates the required management actions and ongoing monitoring requirements that the landholder is required to deliver in order to protect the SEB site into the future. A management agreement is registered on title to the land and is binding on all current and future owners of the land.

For clearance applicants

How do I search for a Significant Environmental Benefit (SEB) site?

You can view potential and established SEB sites and the contact details of the landholder on the Native Vegetation Credit Register

What is the difference between a potential and established SEB site?

Potential sites and the credit they will generate have not yet been assessed by an accredited consultant or endorsed by the Native Vegetation Council. This is required before the available credit and required management actions can be confirmed. Established sites have been through this process and you can apply to have the available credit transferred to you as part of your clearance application

Can I establish my own SEB site?

Yes, if you have access to an appropriate site. You will follow the same process as any other landholder establishing a SEB site and simply apply to have the credit assigned to your own clearance application.

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