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Before you click through to our online consultation form, take the time to review the following statements and questions that you will be asked to respond to. It is not compulsory to respond to all of the questions. We recommend that you concentrate on the ones that you can confidently answer.

  • Please provide a brief summary of the main reasons you are making a submission.
  • Are there other sites available for carrying out the proposed activity that would result in no or less vegetation clearance and/or impacts on biodiversity? There may be alternative sites on property owned by the applicant, or the applicant could purchase or lease alternative land.
  • How could the size, design or construction method of the proposed activity be changed to prevent or reduce impacts on biodiversity? This may include removing elements of the development that will have unacceptable impacts.
  • What other actions could be undertaken by the applicant and its contractors during the construction and undertaking of the proposed activity to prevent or reduce impacts on biodiversity?
  • Are there any other measures that could be adopted by the applicant to prevent or reduce clearance of native vegetation and/or impacts on biodiversity?
  • Has the applicant adequately demonstrated how they will undertake the ongoing monitoring and management of issues associated with the proposed activity, such as weed and pest invasion? If not, what other actions should the applicant commit to?
  • Has the applicant adequately demonstrated that they can re-instate vegetation as much as possible through restoration activities once the proposed activity has ceased? If not, what other actions should the applicant commit to?
  • Are there other opportunities for delivering the required Significant Biodiversity offset (if applicable) that would produce better environmental outcomes?
  • Please provide any additional records or anecdotal evidence on the flora and fauna located in the clearance area that the Native Vegetation Council should consider when assessing the application.
  • If you believe that clearance consent should not be granted, please outline your reasons and provide any additional information available to support your position.

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