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Frequently asked questions about Crown lands

What can I do on Crown lands?

Refer to the What can I do on Crown lands? fact sheet.

Can I build a jetty on Crown land?

The construction of jetties or other similar structures, including boat ramps and retaining walls, will only be permitted on Crown land where appropriate tenure has been issued. This is usually in the form of a Crown lands licence. 

A Crown lands licence will not be granted without development approval. To obtain development approval you should contact your local council. Find out more about applying for a licence.

Can I moor my houseboat on Crown land?

The mooring of houseboats for a temporary stay is permitted on Crown land. 

The permanent mooring of houseboats on Crown land is not permitted, except where authorised by the appropriate tenure or in a designated marina. 

Some parts of the river are held under freehold title to the water's edge. The mooring of houseboats adjacent to this land is not permitted without the permission of the land owner. 

The Houseboat Hirers Association can provide more information about houseboats in South Australia.

What if I am considering coastal protection works?

The Coast Protection Board deals with protection works on coastal crown land. The Board will not protect private property nor provide councils with funds for this purpose, unless there is an associated public benefit.

If you wish to undertake private coastal protection works on Crown land, you will need to gain both approval from your local council and the Department for Environment and Water. Neither approval guarantees the other, and you must obtain both before work can commence. You will need to pay for the occupation of the Crown land at a market rate.

What if I want to hold a temporary event on Crown land?

If you wish to have temporary use of Crown land for an event, you will need to identify the crown land parcel and contact us for approval. Crown land details can be found through the Property Location Browser

In support of your proposal you will also need to provide:

  • sufficient notice for a Crown lands assessment
  • details of the proposed activity
  • a map indicating the area to be used
  • proof that you hold the appropriate amount of public indemnity insurance. 

If the land is dedicated (land that has been allocated to a custodian for a specific purpose) you will need to enquire directly with the custodian in regards to your proposal.

How can I report an offence on Crown land?

To report an offence on Crown land, please contact us. If it a criminal offence, contact the police. 

How can I pay my bill?

To pay for your Crown lands bill you can:

Where can I find land description details?

You can find land details regarding your property on the back of your annual council rates notice.

Private land is managed under the Real Property Act 1886 and enquiries should be made to the Land Services Group

If you are wanting to research land details for a property that you do not own, you can find information through the Property Location Browser or SAILIS.  

For further information contact the Land Services Group

How can I find a Crown land description?

Crown land details can be found through the Property Location Browser.

How can I find out if a piece of land is Crown land?

The Property Location Browser allows you to zoom into a piece of land and use the information function to enquire about the land description details.

If the title reference of the land has a CL or CR the land is Crown land.  A CL is a Crown Lease.  A CR is a Crown Record.  Crown land is managed in a number of ways. The land you are enquiring about could be managed by an individual or organisation other than the Crown (i.e.: through a lease, dedication or other tenure arrangement).

See ‘Access the PLB’ and ‘Getting Help’ sections on the Property Location Bowser web page.

If you need to know more about a piece of Crown land you have identified, contact usand quote the title reference details.

How can I get a copy of a certificate of title?

You can obtain a copy of a Certificate of Title through SAILIS for a fee. Alternatively you can order a copy from the Land Services Group.
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