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Buying and selling Crown land

You may be able to purchase Crown land that is considered surplus.

Land is only declared surplus after:

  • The Department for Environment and Water has considered the land is surplus to its requirements, meaning there is no significant conservation or heritage values that warrant retention of the land in Crown ownership
  • strategic significance of the land has been assessed by the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure
  • other government agencies have had an opportunity to express interest in purchasing the land
  • native title rights have been considered and deemed extinguished.

Once Crown land is considered surplus, it can be disposed of by:

  • an open market disposal, by public auction, public tender or other open competitive process
  • a direct sale where a custodian of dedicated land or a licensee has made significant improvements to the land.

What Crown land is for sale?

See a list of current sales for Crown land.

How much does Crown land cost?

Purchase price plus document preparation fees apply. Contact us to find out more about fees.

Can I purchase Crown land that is not for sale?

If you know of a parcel of Crown land that you are interested in purchasing, you will need to complete the Expression of Interest to purchase Crown land form. An assessment will be undertaken to determine if it is suitable for sale.

If the Crown land is adjoining your property, you can apply to purchase it by submitting the Application by Adjoining Land Owner to Purchase Crown Land form.

Can I purchase the land specified on my licence?

If you hold a licence over Crown land you may be eligible to surrender the licence in order to purchase a title to the land (known as freeholding or a fee simple title). You can only purchase land from a licence where significant authorised improvements have been made to the land.

To surrender your licence in order to purchase a title to the land, you will need to complete an Application to freehold a Crown licence form.

Can I purchase land subject to a lease?

If you hold a lease over Crown land you may be able to surrender the lease to purchase a title to the land (fee simple title). The process of surrendering a lease to obtain a title to the land is also referred to as freeholding.

To apply to convert your lease and purchase the land you will need to complete an Application for consent to freehold a Crown lease form.

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