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Government Owned Heritage Fund

Places of State heritage significance are protected by South Australia’s Heritage Places Act 1993. Owners and managers, both private and public, are obliged to care for and protect the heritage significance of their State Heritage Places.

The Government Owned Heritage Fund (GOH Fund = former Historic Buildings Conservation Program) provides advice and funding to help support the conservation of State Heritage Places owned by the State government. The GOH Fund is administered by Heritage South Australia in the Department for Environment and Water.

The principal objectives of the GOH Fund are to:

  • Provide for and promote the conservation of State heritage listed places in a strategic manner consistent with high standards.
  • Encourage partnerships within government.
  • Provide a financial incentive to conserve heritage places.
  • Maximise conservation works that enhance the public realm.

Funding may be made available for undertaking physical conservation works, including repair work, or for collecting and analysing information as a precursor to conservation actions necessary to:

  • Conserve culturally significant fabric.
  • Reinforce the heritage value of a building or structure.
  • Ensure the structural integrity of a building or structure.
  • Plan for the conservation of a place, e.g. a Conservation Management Plan.

The priorities of programmed conservation projects are reviewed regularly to take into account occupant needs, economic considerations, and government policy and priorities.

Applications for funding are evaluated against key criteria as per the GOH Fund Operating Guidelines, and require adherence to a clearly defined project delivery process.

Click here to read the GOH Fund Operating Guidelines.

For further information about the Fund please contact:

Luigi Vitale, GOH Fund Principal Heritage Adviser (8204 2373 or 0401 124 462, or Alison Othen, A/Fund Administrator on (0405 735 479,

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