Plans and permits

Water affecting activity permits

Some activities are identified in the Landscape South Australia Act 2019 that have the potential to have adverse impacts on water resources and the ecosystems that depend on them, as well as other water users. These are called water affecting activities and may require a permit. They include:

  • the construction or enlargement of dams or structures to collect or divert water
  • building of structures, obstructing or depositing solid materials in a watercourse, lake or floodplain (e.g. erosion control, construction of water crossings or dumping material)
  • excavating material from a watercourse, lake or floodplain (e.g. excavating or cleaning soaks, waterholes and on-stream dams)
  • destroying vegetation in a watercourse, lake or floodplain (e.g. removal of reeds)
  • draining or discharging water or brine into a watercourse or lake (e.g. desalination waste, stormwater including urban discharge, drainage and salinity control)
  • drilling, deepening and back filling wells, bores and groundwater access trenches
  • the use of effluent or water imported to an area for commercial activities, e.g. irrigation.

You must apply for a permit at least two months before you intend to undertake the activity. The statutory turnaround time to issue a permit is 40 business days. The first step is to complete and lodge the relevant application form. 

For further information and assistance with your application form, please email the Green Adelaide Landscape Board or call 8463 3733.

Please note that the application fee is $60. You may be required to provide additional supporting information and host a site visit to assist with assessing your application.

You will be notified in writing regarding the outcome of your application, and may be required to undertake additional actions in accordance with the conditions of an approved permit. If your permit application is not approved or you disagree with any of the permit conditions, you may appeal to the Environment, Resources and Development Court within six weeks of the decision. Upon completion of works a further site visit maybe conducted to ensure permit conditions have been met.


Business Plan 2020-21

The Green Adelaide Board's inaugural business plan sets out its program for the year and outlines how it will approach its responsibilities for landscape management, including land, soil and water management. During the year the board will also develop and begin delivery of its five-year regional landscape plan. This will involve working with local and state government organisations, industry, environmental organisations and the community.

The work of the Green Adelaide Board is supported by the landscape levy. You can find more information about the levy here.