Water resources and wetlands

Water resources — including rivers, lakes, groundwater, stormwater and wetlands — sustain our way of life and our economic vitality.

South Australia is already seen as an international leader in urban water management, but there is scope for improvement, particularly in managing urban rivers and wetlands with a united approach.

The responsibility for managing Adelaide’s water resources and wetlands is shared by multiple entities, including local councils and private landholders with a watercourse located on their property. This creates complex arrangements.

Green Adelaide will drive an integrated ‘hills to sea’ approach to urban water management that considers water sensitive urban design, re-use of water, public amenity, flood management and the quality of water entering the gulf. It will also take a leadership role in reviewing existing complex management arrangements, such as for the River Torrens Recovery Project and the River Torrens Water Quality Improvement Project. 

Consultation on the draft design for the third and final stage of the Breakout Creek redevelopment has now closed. Visit the YouSAy website to read community feedback and learn about the project.