Fauna, flora and ecosystem health in the urban environment

Ensuring that all South Australians are connected to nature is at the heart of Green Adelaide’s vision. To do this it needs to help maintain and enhance Adelaide’s unique and biologically diverse natural environment.

A strong focus on greening the city, improved coordination across the private and public sectors and an integrated urban water system provide us with the opportunity to grow and create more habitats for native birds and animals across the urban area.

Green Adelaide will create green corridors to link the Mount Lofty Ranges from the city to the ocean. It is vital that spaces supporting habitat are connected across neighbourhoods and landscapes. As well as creating new open spaces, we need to maximise the ones we already have, such as rooftops and the spaces between and around buildings. Then we need to connect them to create wildlife passages throughout the city.

This will allow more than 1000 different plant species, as well as 300 bird, 60 fish, 40 mammal and 45 reptile species in the Green Adelaide region to continue to flourish.

Green Adelaide will fund local government and provide grants to third parties to deliver practical projects that support and create more habitat for birds and animals across the urban area. It will support community activities, which could include more bee hotels, lizard lounges and butterfly gardens.

It will oversee the management of abundant species in the urban environment and continue the development of strategies to reduce the problematic interactions between fauna and urban communities.

Green Adelaide is also leading work towards Adelaide’s certification as a National Park City through protection and creation of habitat to promote urban ecology and biodiversity.

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