Coastal management

South Australia’s coastline includes beaches, dune systems, tidal waters, wetlands and cliffs, and supports many species unique to southern Australia. 

The coastal environment contributes significantly to our economy. It delivers social, cultural and health benefits and features vital habitats for our flora and fauna, while also protecting development and housing from flooding and erosion.

It is also affected by land-based activity that leads to nutrients and sediments from stormwater, wastewater and industrial discharges damaging marine habitats like reefs and seagrass.

Green Adelaide will focus on coastal access, restoration of biodiversity, management of significant coastal sites, management of seagrass habitat and reef restoration. It will oversee a coordinated approach to managing the metropolitan coastline through partnerships with local government and non-government organisations, as well as Traditional Owners and key bodies like the Coast Protection Board.

This includes restoration and conservation of coastal biodiversity and significant coastal sites and beach replenishment activities. Dedicated resources and effort will also be directed towards protecting our coastline against sea level rise and climate change.

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