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Grassroots Grants Round 1 project - Reclaim the Dunes

Grassroots Grants Round 1 Reclaim the Dunes. Credit Trees For Life  Reclaim the Dunes; helping to make Adelaide, greener, cooler, wilder. Photo: Trees For Life

Rewilding the Brighton-Seacliff coast to protect threatened birds

Green Adelaide’s Grassroots Grants has distributed $1 million for people to improve their local environment across Adelaide’s 17 metro council areas.  

Trees For Life is running one of 47 successful grant projects to green, cool and wild Adelaide’s environment.

‘Reclaim the Dunes’ is seeing 9000 seedlings planted, including 32 different species, to enhance recovery efforts for the threatened hooded plovers that regularly nest along the popular Brighton-Seacliff coastal system.

There is revegetation work across six sites to provide important dune stability and habitat for local wildlife.

Helping Trees For Life is the Holdfast Habitat Heroes Dune Group and two larger community planting days will be held with the Seacliff Surf Lifesaving Club, Brighton and Seacliff Yacht Club, students from Seacliff Primary School and Birdlife Australia volunteers.

Trees For Life and the City of Holdfast Bay are working with Birdlife Australia to maximise the outcomes of this project for hooded plovers along this stretch of coast.

Grassroots Grants are being used across Green Adelaide to kick-start new projects such as this one, or build on an existing ones with activities such as nature education, plantings, citizen science, weed and pest control, erosion management and community engagement.

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