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Grassroots Grants Round 1 project - Community Landcare Nursery

Grassroots Grants Round 1 The Gums example pic only. Credit Gerry Butler The Gums; a vision of the outcome this nursery is after with an increase in biodiversity. Photo: Gerry Butler

Cooling Campbelltown one tree at a time

Green Adelaide’s Grassroots Grants has distributed $1 million for people to improve their local environment across Adelaide’s 17 metro council areas.  

The Gums Landcare Group and Love Campbelltown is running one of 47 successful grant projects to green, cool and wild Adelaide’s environment.

A community landcare nursery is being built in the Campbelltown City Council area, to increase the capacity of, and opportunity for the community to supply native plants for council and community projects. The plants will be available as tubestock seedlings and as advanced trees.

This motivation behind the project is that council is proposing an increase in the number and diversity of native plants for planting over the next 10 years, in response to the declaration of the Climate Emergency.

This nursery will be capable of growing 5000 seedlings and 200 advanced trees per year which will be provided to council and for community projects to enhance the area.

A location for the nursery is being sourced, with the help of Campbelltown City Council, and it’s anticipated to be up and running by the end of June 2021.

Grassroots Grants are being used across Green Adelaide to kick-start new projects such as this one, or build on an existing ones with activities such as nature education, plantings, citizen science, weed and pest control, erosion management and community engagement.

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