Grants in the Green Adelaide region

Grassroots Grants for local communities

The Green Adelaide Board is funding a Grassroots Grants program to support individuals, volunteers, community groups and other bodies working on local projects that contribute to improved management of the environment. In 2020-21, the funding for Grassroots Grants in the Green Adelaide region will total $1 million.

The grants are designed to help communities sustainably manage their local landscapes. Funding will be used for activities such as weed treatment, pest or disease management, fencing, erosion management, revegetation and community education activities.

Grassroots Grants have now closed. We received a large number of grant applications and they are now being assessed.  Results of the review process should be available by December.


Water Sustainability Grants

The Water Sustainability Grants aim to achieve better management of water-related benefits to, and impacts on, our land, creeks, rivers, coasts and marine environments. In turn this contributes to improving community resilience. Through these grants, both funding and technical support are provided to partner organisations delivering a range of multiple-benefit on-ground and non-works projects.

In 2020-21 up to $1.5 million of funding was available with part of the funding pool earmarked for two focus areas – on-ground green infrastructure projects, and Regional Climate Partnership coordination activities.

Applications for the 2020-21 grant round have closed.


Greener Neighbourhoods Grants 

The State Government’s Greener Neighbourhoods Grants Program is providing up to $2 million funding through Green Adelaide over four years to support metropolitan councils to help keep suburban streets green and cool. The Green Adelaide Board has contributed an additional $500,000 to the program in 2020-21. 

Benefits of greening and cooling our neighbourhoods include:

  • improved social, health and wellbeing outcomes through connecting communities and being surrounded by nature
  • improved biodiversity and environmental outcomes through increased habitat and food supplies for local wildlife
  • reduction of stormwater and rainwater runoff through filtering and absorption
  • improved air quality and increased carbon sequestration
  • increased liveability of neighbourhoods and increased property values.

Grants awarded in 2019-20 and 2020-21 have provided funding for 16 projects in 11 metropolitan council areas.