Workshops and courses

Building skills and inspiring a love of nature

We can help you host workshops and courses across a range of nature education and urban greening topics (listed below). We partner with local facilitators to design and deliver a range of options that will get people close to nature and active in their homes, yards and beyond.

Activities, skills and connections

These events feature activities, interactive discussions and one-on-one support to energise, inspire and prepare people for their next step.

Flexible delivery format

Many of these courses and workshops can be delivered online (via Zoom) or through a blended online/face-to-face format. Please get in touch to discuss the best option for your community.

Cost-neutral or low cost

In many cases, there will be no (or very little) cost for hosts, as delivery is generally covered by participant fees. Participant fees are kept to a minimum, but hosts may choose to reduce them further by contributing towards the delivery cost.

How to host a workshop or course

Hosts can be councils, natural resource centres, businesses, social services and community organisations and groups. To host a workshop or course, you will need:

  • a suitable venue (if face-to-face)
  • time to promote the event to your community
  • some funds, depending on your workshop and subsidy choice.

If you would like to host a workshop or course, or for more information, please email Urban Sustainability or phone 0437 613 490. 

Workshops – single session

Our growing range of two-to-three-hour workshops give people a chance to try something new. Some workshops can be run outdoors. They can be a stand-alone activity or combined with larger events such as a community festival.

How to build nature into your everyday

Explore why nature connection is so important. Learn tips and tricks to fit small doses of nature into your daily life, as well as local places to explore, play and connect. 

Water smart solutions for your home and backyard

Learn ways to capture rainwater to reuse inside and outside of your home. Discover how to work with nature to create green and cool homes that support biodiversity and protect our waterways and oceans. Read more

Native bees in your backyard

Build a native bee hotel and explore the special role of native bees. Participants take home three local native plants to grow their own bee restaurant.

Build a wildlife nest box

Discover how to support native wildlife. Learn about natural hollows, hollow-dependent wildlife and positioning and maintaining nest boxes. Participants build a nest box to take home.

Gardening in small spaces

Transform a balcony, courtyard or windowsill into a productive garden. Participants bring a map of their home and workshop their ideas with the facilitator.

Natural hiking and camping meals with compostable packaging

Create quick, easy and light-to-carry camping meals without plastic packaging. Participants take home two hiking meals and a five-day meal plan.

Smartphone nature photography

See nature through a new lens with this introduction to basic photographic concepts. Participants try out new skills in natural surroundings and receive one-on-one feedback from the instructor.

Nature journaling

Draw, write and scribble to get a deeper appreciation of the natural world. Participants take home an artist pencil and journal to continue their journaling at home.

Natural homes

Redesign your home for health and wellbeing. Learn how to reconnect with natural materials, plants and light. Participants bring a map of their home to workshop their ideas with the facilitator and take home one indoor plant.

Sustainability skills: make beeswax wraps, produce bags and jute scrubbers

Make reusable alternatives to cut down on plastic use. Participants create and take home a beeswax wrap, produce bag and jute scrubber.

Courses – multiple sessions

We offer the following courses to allow people to explore topics in greater depth.

Living Smart

Learn to live lighter, with sessions covering gardening for biodiversity and food, water, community, healthy you, healthy home, living simply, waste, energy and transport.

Duration: 7 weeks (2.5 hours per week)
Cost to host: $2000

Read more about Living Smart.

Climate actions

Learn how to take practical action in your home and community, and see how your actions fit into a network of collective change.

Duration: 2 weeks (2 hours per week)

Growing great veggies

Take vegetable growing to the next level. Participants will learn how their garden can flourish all year round.

Duration: 1 day + half-day follow-up session six months later

Food Matters

Join The Food Embassy to explore the impacts of our food choices and what we can do to support sustainable, fair and healthy food for all.

Duration: 4 weeks (2.5 hours per week)