SA Urban Food Network

We are what we eat

We invite you to join the SA Urban Food Network, which is working towards a sustainable food system.

The network aims to:

  • exchange connections, knowledge and opportunities across local organisations, community groups and individuals
  • educate and build capacity across the food system
  • enable the transition to a sustainable local food system.

The network will work towards the shared vision created during Edible Adelaide 2016. This vision acknowledges the diversity of drivers, partners, initiatives and approaches required to build a local, flourishing food system and includes:

  • accessible, affordable, organic and healthy food for all
  • resilient and educated communities
  • localised and interlinked food growing systems
  • integrated systems approaches to planning
  • trained and supported producers, processors, distributors and retailers.

All of these details, and how you can get involved, can be found in the Edible Adelaide 2016 report.

The SA Urban Food Network is a member of Sustain: The Australian Food Network, which works to transition food systems to ones that supports flourishing communities, individuals and ecosystems.

Join the network

Register your interest with the Urban Sustainability team by email, or phone 08 8204 9925.

What is a food system?

We are all part of a food system: ‘our farmers and fishers who draw on natural resources to produce food; our people and industries who transform, transport and sell food; and our families and communities, who grow, buy, cook and eat food.’

A food system considers everything that it takes to get food to our plates, from farming, storing, processing, transporting, marketing, selling, cooking, eating and disposing of food waste. This system is a web of people and the activities, interconnections, systems and behaviours they affect. Identifying where we fit into this system helps us understand the relationships, multiple interactions and influences at work.

Our current food system is facing many challenges, such as a growing population, urban sprawl and climate change.

Diverse networks of individuals, organisations and cities across the world are coming together to find innovative ways to transition to a food system that is sustainable, healthy and fair (see the Milan Urban Food Policy Pact).