Nature Prescription trial

Get involved in our free Nature Prescription trial for a nature kick-start in 2021.

It involves health professionals from across Adelaide prescribing around 60 suitable trial participants with a ‘nature prescription’ for activities in Adelaide’s green spaces. Health professionals include GPs and allied health practitioners who have a Medicare provider number.

The 8 week program is designed to give people the skills and motivation to connect with nature to improve their wellbeing. Sessions are both online and face-to-face and people can attend as many sessions as they have time for. Our experts will help you discover Adelaide’s green spaces, what’s special about them and what you can do in nature to feel good.

Weekly zoom sessions with the coordinator will help motivate you and you will get to hear from other participants in the group. We will measure the success of it and evaluate how to deliver the program to a wider audience.

The trial is aimed at equipping participants with the skills and desire to connect with nature in their local area through expert talks, tours and activities. It will help us better understand how connecting with nature can improve a person’s health and wellbeing.

International research has shown that nature prescriptions have the potential to supplement orthodox medical treatments and that contact with nature enhances health and wellbeing, as well as boosting social connections.

How to get involved?

Let your participating health professional know that you are interested. If you are suitable for the trial, you will be given a referral to register. If you have any questions or are unsure if your health professional is participating, get in contact with Green Adelaide’s Nature Prescriptions Coordinator

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