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Fire management policy and procedure

The department has developed a policy and procedures for conducting environmental assessment and management for its fire management program. The policy and procedures ensure the department delivers its fire management program as required, while maintaining and conserving biodiversity in the natural areas it manages.

Key aspects of the policy and procedures are:

  • strategic planning to identify priority areas for managing bushfire risk and biodiversity conservation, and where possible set strategies to avoid conflict between the two
  • identify matters of environmental significance in areas planned for prescribed burning
  • assessing and managing risks from the conduct of burning on environmentally significant matters
  • assessing and managing risks from inappropriate fire regimes to improve biodiversity outcomes for environmentally significant matters
  • streamline the planning and approval processes for fire management works – including prescribed burning
  • monitoring to assess the achievement of both outcomes of burning and success of risk mitigation for environmentally significant matters
  • regular audit of processes to ensure policy and procedures are being implemented.

View the DEWNR Policy on Environmental Assessment and Management in Fire Management.

A Strategic Assessment Report has been written to evaluate the impacts of the Policy on matters of national environmental significance.

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