Action plan

Healthy Coorong, Healthy Basin is a $70 million commitment to restore a healthy Coorong, announced by the Australian and South Australian Governments in December 2018.

Part of the South Australian Government’s overarching Project Coorong initiative, the Healthy Coorong, Healthy Basin Action Plan outlines the on-ground works, management tools, research, trials and investigations, and other activities between 2019 and 2024 to get the Coorong back on track for a healthy future.

The Action Plan presents a working vision to help restore the Coorong’s health, characterised by healthy vegetation with abundant and diverse populations of waterbirds, fish and plants.

The action plan includes six projects that work together to improve the ecology, knowledge and management of the Coorong, including:

  • implementing ‘no regrets’ on-ground actions to avoid further loss and support the recovery of aquatic plant and waterbird communities in the Coorong.
  • undertaking scientific trials and investigations to address critical knowledge gaps relating to water quality, aquatic plant health and nutrient and food web dynamics, so as to inform decisions around longer-term management options.
  • optimising and integrating water delivery and management systems that are based on better, real time monitoring data and information.
  • investigating the feasibility of long-term infrastructure options to determine which have the potential to provide the greatest ecological benefit to the Coorong.
  • partnering with First Peoples to apply their cultural knowledge, values and interests to inform and shape the program and provide employment opportunities to implement projects.
  • partnering with communities to draw on local knowledge and experience, build capacity for involvement in project implementation and foster environmental stewardship.

The Healthy Coorong, Healthy Basin action plan was informed by the Coorong Summit Summary Report and the Goyder Expert Panel Report.

Community discussions

During October 2019 a series of Project Coorong Community Discussions were held across the region at Meningie, Goolwa, Robe, Salt Creek and Kingston.    

These sessions gave the community a chance to  learn more about Project Coorong’s Healthy Coorong, Healthy Basin and Our Coorong | Our Coast programs in particular, and for the community to offer their valuable thoughts to shape the work that is being proposed.

We are grateful for the valuable input and feedback provided by the community that the government is now able to consider going forward. 

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