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Risk-based water compliance

The department carries out a range of activities to monitor and enforce compliance with water requirements.

Using a risk-based approach (as defined in the National Framework for Compliance and Enforcement Systems for Water Resource Management), compliance activities focus on ‘at risk’ water resources and target breaches of water resources legislation  that are most likely to further stress water resources.

The department has categorised the State’s water resources according to risk using categories defined in the National Framework.

Based on the level of availability and use of water, current and future demand and the impact of unlawful or unauthorised use, categories range from a low Category 1 to a high Category 3 or 3A.

Licensees can expect to see more frequent water resource compliance activities in higher risk category areas.

To find out your risk category visit the department’s WaterConnect website.

View the current penalty rates for the overuse of a prescribed water resource.

The department’s National Framework compliance activities will help to protect water entitlements in South Australia, and deter illegal activities, such as the unlawful take and use of water. 

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