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New life for our coastal environment

The South Australian Government has committed $5.2 million to implement the New Life for our Coastal Environment policy. The commitments include:

  1. Increased funding for metropolitan beach replenishment by $500,000 per annum for two years. Find out more about West Beach sand management.
  2. $1 million in research and development to improve management of Adelaide’s beaches and protect and enhance our coastal environments.
  3. $1 million in seagrass restoration with the aim of re-establishing seagrass meadows off the Adelaide coast.
  4. $1 million, in partnership with local councils to limit damaging stormwater run-off filled with sediment and pollutants from entering Gulf St Vincent.
  5. $1.2 million to establish new reef(s) for environmental and economic benefits.

Find out what else we're doing to protect our coasts across the state:

What can I do to help?

Banner image: Henley Beach. Photo credit: South Australian Tourism Commission.



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